Upload photos & videos from Dropbox to Facebook Ads Manager

Never download and upload again. Import media directly from Dropbox to Facebook Media Libary with about two clicks.
Screenshot of Bridgework

We were tired of downloading from Dropbox and uploading into Facebook Ads.

So we built Bridgework, a simple tool to get your media from Dropbox into Facebook Ads Manager faster. It's simple to set up: authorize both apps, make a Bridgework folder in Dropbox, and start adding media. Everything you add to the folder gets uploaded. Oh, and we timed it. It's about 5x faster than the download/upload shuffle.


100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.


$29/moOnly 1 connectionImmediate supportSync status and analytics


$49/moUp to 10 connectionsImmediate supportSync status and analytics


$99/moUnlimited connectionsImmediate supportSync status and analytics
"We have thousands of products on our Shopify and test hundreds of different photos and videos for ads. This app basically replaced one of my staff members jobs of wrangling creative lol. Also Max and Cody are super responsive, it's just the two of them so they've like built us stuff we've asked for. It's awesome."
Meagan, Creative Director and President at Sip Hip Hooray